Rabble: Travel Edition


Rabble: Travel-Edition features a completely new set of travel-related cards and challenges. It's the perfect game for sparking wild nights on-the-go: from road trips in Yosemite, to beaches in Fiji, and everywhere in between. The game can be played standalone or as an expansion to the base version of Rabble.

Get your friends to guess the absurd words on your team’s Rabble Cards as quickly as possible. Each round uses the same cards but has different restrictions on how to give clues.

ROUND 1: Anything Goes
ROUND 2: One Word Only
ROUND 3: Acting Only

Play Challenge Cards to slow down the other team by making them do ridiculous challenges such as "name a different country in Europe after every card" or "act like you're experiencing turbulence."

🌲   Each game is made with environmentally sustainable, FSC-certified paper
🎨   We feature guest illustrations from independent artists across the world
💃   4-20+ players | Ages 17+ | 30-40 min

CONTENTS: Each game contains 156 Cards (126 Rabble Cards, 30 Challenge Cards), NSFW cards are marked and can be easily removed

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