JUST Water

JUST Water - Spring Water -- 11.2 fl oz | 24 Pack


Good things come in small sizes! This is the perfect package to take with you on your next adventure, near or far. The carton is easy for even the littlest hands to hold. Yet big enough to hydrate on a run.


Naturally pH 8 means good taste & good for you. JUST Still has a naturally occurring pH of 8.0 because it’s pristine spring water that collects its minerals from the mountains where it flows —not from some super-processed powder added to the water before it’s bottled. A pH of 8 means our water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium which make it good for your body and make JUST crisp, pure, and delicious.​

Mineral facts: ​
pH 8​
TDS 94​
Magnesium 3.9 mg/L​
Calcium 16 mg/L​
Bicarbonate 64 mg/L​
Chlorides 1.2 mg/L​

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