Brand Bio:

Yourlixir is a women-owned & created superfood brand by two best friends who grew up in Boca Raton, FL. Antonella & Desiree's passion for wellness is what fuels the creation, research, development, & production of this nationwide all-natural wellness & beauty company. Our products are 100% all-natural, NON-Gmo, Paleo-Friendly, Sugar Free, & always sourced with our bodies and the planet in mind. Our blends are created for the everyday modern person who wants to feel their best, perform at their highest, & feed their bodies with the best of ingredients. If you're new to superfoods, reach out to us! Our best sellers are our Adaptogenic Morning Matcha w/ Collagen, Pre & Probiotics, Inulin, & MCT Oil and our Organic Spirulina Beauty & Wellness powder - which can be used topically in face masks & detox baths & ingested in elixir shots & nutritious smoothies! Check out for more incredible ways to enhance your everyday life holistically with our special superfood.

Founder Bio: (interview with founders)


Name: Antonella Nardi


Phone: 305-928-4124


Instagram: @yourlixir