Brand Bio:

Plato is the creation of Vernon Health. We’re named for our founder’s maternal great-grandfather, Charles G. Vernon, and grandfather, Ralph Y. Vernon, pharmacists both.

Ralph Vernon was owner of the Vernon Drug Company, a Middletown, NY pharmacy he founded in 1910 after receiving his pharmacy degree from Columbia University in 1908. At Vernon Drug, Ralph provided eyeglasses, medical devices, pharmacy services, ice cream (a kind of medicine even today), and even veterinary services.

Ralph took after his father, Charles, who opened his first pharmacy, the Charles G. Vernon Drugstore, in Florida, NY, in 1886, over 130 years ago. The original Vernon Drug had a phone number of ‘8’ and had a horse drinking trough out front. It still stands today as part of Smith’s Cove museum village in Orange County, NY.

Many things have changed since then, but, like our predecessors, we believe in better living through research and service with integrity above all else. In that tradition, at Vernon Health, our motto — simply, ‘Integrity’, reflects the single most important value behind every decision we make.

Founders Bio:

In the world of supplements, it can feel like everybody is selling the pill version of a get-rich-quick scheme.

We want to know everything about what we put in our bodies, and with nootropics, we want to know what we’re taking is safe and effective for everyday use.

After nearly 3 years of research and development bringing Plato to market, we know from experience that making the right choices can be hard.

That’s why Vernon Health was founded in 2017 with a mission to make smart decisions easy.

We made Plato for ourselves, for our mothers, and for our friends.