Native Nectar Botanicals

Brand Bio:

Native Nectar offers products that bring the beauty and healing properties of nature into everyday self-care rituals with meticulous detail to effective formulations and potent, plant-based ingredients. Our core mission is to elevate your mood, create confidence in your own skin, and connect you to the power of natural ingredients.

Crafted in the small mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado, surrounded by wildflowers and snow capped peaks, Native Nectar Botanicals offerings are truly inspired by nature and passionately made with gratitude.

Founder Bio:

My love affair with natural remedies began over ten years ago. At the time I wanted to become a Naturopathic doctor and began coursework in pre-med with an emphasis in holistic modalities.

Over the next two years my passion for natural medicine continued to grow and I decided I wanted to focus on plant medicine and so began my training in Clinical Herbalism. After having my first child I felt lost and struggled to find my identity in my new found role of motherhood. It was out of this transition that Native Nectar Botanicals was born.

Combining the traditional plant medicine knowledge I had learned, a holistic approach to skincare and my desire to create beautiful, effective products; I was able to slowly build NNB to what it is today. This is more than a business to me, it is a way of life and a sacred calling I feel privileged to hold. I draw on the inspiration of my powerful surroundings, the ancient medicine woman's wisdom that is in my blood and last but not least, you. Thank you for letting me and Native Nectar be a part of your self-care rituals.