LUA Skincare

Brand Bio:

LUA skincare was created with the philosophy that nature has the power to heal, protect, & rejuvenate skin. Founder, Lori Fenn, is an artist & nature lover whose artwork is the design inspiration behind the brand. After using oils on her own skin for over 15 years, she wanted to create something that would appeal to her teenage daughter that was both clean, green, & aesthetic.

In the summer of 2016, the first LUA skincare set was created as a simple way to help start a daily skincare ritual that was plant-based, vegan, & cruelty-free with a desire to incorporate eco-conscious packaging whenever possible. Combined with the power of plant & flower oils, LUA truly embodies a product created from the heart & soul.


Founder Bio:

I love color, obsessively. My paintings are greatly influenced by contrasting hues and how they interact with one another. I draw inspiration from a composite of cultures and diversity in nature and then interpret them into complex and colorful geometric compositions. The thought behind the arrangement of my work begins with a simple pencil drawing on paper and goes through multiple transformations throughout its conception as well as during the actual painting itself. Ultimately the process of bringing a simple shape or design to life by saturating it with color is what excites me the most.