Even Keel

Founder Bio:

Hi, I'm En. Born and raised in tropical Singapore, I moved to New York 12 years ago to study art and design. I eventually transitioned to natural skincare, and as a practicing herbalist making topical skin food, I occasionally teach workshops at my studio and at the Open Center.

It's been a decade since I first started handcrafting my own formulations in my kitchen and while I still live in Brooklyn with my rambunctious cat, you can now find me at my studio/store which I co-share with my friend Diana of Here to Sunday. When I'm not at my studio, I'm usually tending to my ever-growing collection of plants, edible greens and foraged wildflowers.

I also just started down the path of studying permaculture and would like to practice in a place I can call my own someday.


Brand Bio:

Even Keel started as an artisanal bath & body studio in 2014 and fast forward to 2019 we have expanded our studio to a small storefront in Brooklyn.

In essence, Even Keel infuses Eastern Roots with Western Herbs to handcraft a vegan bath & body line with a principal focus on the earth’s natural clays, oils and botanicals. Our formulations are handcrafted with the belief that “Form” meets “Function” – meaning, while our wellness and beauty line centers around traditional methods of sun-infused botanical oils with a herbalism background, we also work with the natural colors of our ingredients to create aesthetically beautiful products.

We small-batch & while we have our permanent collection, we strive to evolve our recipes and create limited items as well to align ourselves more with nature and what it seasonally provides. Our packaging is 100% recyclable & we give 15% of select bars to NPFs