Bace is a purpose-driven natural health company that was created to fill the white space in the Hemp marketplace where research, results and responsibility were lacking. After working in clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital, Sarabeth saw the need for a company that catered to people who are coming to the category for health, rather than recreation. Bace is on a mission to use Hemp for Good and is committed to creating a company that serves consumers with the best possible outcomes for hemp-based health solutions by providing access to honest education, science-backed products, and personalized guidance.

We aim to close the care gap in cannabis, starting with Hemp - the non-intoxicating, legally cultivated form of cannabis, containing CBD and many other phytonutrients.

Hemp has the potential to provide relief to millions of people in the United State. However, the CBD boom has rewarded speed over quality, leading to a sea of poor products, confusing information, and harmful marketing claims.

With a passion for natural health solutions, we felt a need to create a company advocating for consumer health by pushing the limits on product quality, designing a guided experience, and involving clinicians and scientists.

Sarabeth started her career in clinical research, working at Mount Sinai in the Palliative Care department helping to build alternative care models for individuals with chronic illness. After experiencing her own anxiety, and seeing the need for a more health-centered approach to product development in the cannabis space, Sarabeth founded Bace to bridge the gap between consumer products and healthcare. She is passionate about giving people more agency over their own health by providing simple cannabinoid products that deliver efficacy, and educating people on how to harness the power of their own bodies’ endocannabinoid system.