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Wholy Dose offers clean, clinically-supported supplements to boost your full-body health – including mental health, physical health, and skin, hair, and nail health.
Our founder, Gina Holzer, spent most of her early life trying to change the way she looked and felt about herself – she was never happy or confident in her own skin due to having skin issues and extremely thin hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. These insecurities led her to always wear makeup whenever she left the house (even if that meant getting the mail) and, so she sought out to find a whole solution that would make her feel good about herself, inside and out.
After 10 years of trying countless products – including topicals, vitamins, and even changing her diet – nothing gave her noticeable results until she began to experiment with different supplement blends in her NYC apartment and discovered what we now call, the Wholy Grail: a combination of supplements scientifically proven to work better together, to give you optimal results. It was then that Gina finally saw results in her skin and hair for the very first time – Additionally, she stopped getting sick frequently throughout the year and her daily stomach aches were long gone.
This experience led Gina to start accepting herself and she realized that everything she needed to feel her most confident and healthiest self was already in her, supplementing with the right ingredients just brought them out – That’s when Wholy Dose was born: a company devoted to getting you to your best, so that you can feel your healthiest, happiest, and most confident self in your own skin, at all times.

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