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Hi everyone! I’m Melissa. I enjoy long walks down the aisles of Whole Foods and eating my body weight in fruit. Dates specifically; they're my absolute favorite. I had my first date (Talking about the fruit...I'd been on dates before) when I moved to New York City for college and it was love at first bite. Dates are SO sweet and SO good for you! Better yet, dates have kept all of my unhealthy sugar cravings away. Overtime I found myself feeling so much happier and energized now that I could finally eat something sweet (and freaking-delicious) that didn't leave me feeling guilty. Food guilt was something I struggled with for years.

Since then I've come to discover just how hard it is to formulate, manufacture, market, finance, sell, and distribute a food product. I probably Googled my way to a food science degree at this point, but I never gave up and just continued to figure it out as I went, everyday, always learning something new on the fly and solving problems as they presented themselves.

The story of Wanna Date? goes to show that if you are passionate, true to yourself, and 100% dedicated and determined to do something then you can figure it out. It’s never about age, experience, time, or expertise (because I was a 20 year old college kid with none). Now 23, I still feel like the queen of amateur hour over here using Google searches to power me through “CEO things,” as I call the hardcore business stuff. But beyond the daily struggles I genuinely do wake up excited every single day to open my laptop and get to work on Wanna Date?

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