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Skip the meal. Not the nutrients.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition on busy days. Realm is our go-to solution when we’re running out the door and in between conference calls. If you’re skipping meals, sick of junk or too tired to cook, we've got your back. 

Freeze-dried for max benefits.

Drying foods has been around for centuries—and there’s a good reason. It’s the best way to keep food safe and shelf-stable while maintaining the best flavor. Unlike pre-made drinks, we’ve completely avoided using preservatives so you get the food’s original nutrients.

Follow your gut.

Studies on gut-health show that there’s an inherent connection between what we eat and how we think. Backed by science, we developed Realm with mineral-rich plants and vitamin-packed ingredients to optimize digestion, increase focus, and boost energy.

Our promise.

We're building Realm with integrity and transparency. We believe in clean labels and high-quality ingredients. Non-GMO, no preservatives, no added sugar, no dairy, no soy. No, really.

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