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Oowee was born from the love of handcrafted goods and our founder, Gabriel Hargett’s creative ability to transform leather into something we can use daily. Oowee launched in 2009 with the simple concept of bringing class, style, and function to the age-old tradition of having a cool refreshing pint to round out your day.

We started working with the Autism Society of North Carolina in 2011. This partnership was a real turning point for Oowee, as it allowed us to employ adults on the autism spectrum to hand sew each of our leather beverage sleeves. We are proud to provide employment for these individuals and rely on them to help package all of our products.

This partnership allows Oowee to be much more than just another company that makes stuff.

We are able to make high quality products but more importantly we are also supporting our community and filling a social gap.

We feel this an important part of our business and hope that our clients can appreciate this fact and feel good about putting their logo on products that are responsibly produced.

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