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Athleisure for Everybody.

From Sleep to Street. Literally.

Athleisure is the true versatile wear, whether for lounging (who doesn't love being horizontal and stationary), doing chores (is it laundry day already?), meditating (breathe in, breathe out), hiking (conquer those terrains!), or doing an obstacle race (a little bit of mud won't hurt us!). Some items are bolder than others, making it easier to dress based on your personality and mood. Some items were designed for high-intensity activities, whilst some are for chillaxing. 

However and whenever you wear it, nothing beats the functionality and fashion-friendliness of Mono B athleisure.  

One aspect we've discovered about balance is that it doesn't have to be comprised of only two items and the amount of each part doesn't have to be equal to one another.

Too much work and no play? Not a good idea. Too much play and no work? Tempting, but also not a good idea. Balance is the philosophy Mono B adopts when we design and craft our athleisure.

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