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Adaptogens and flavors that promote meditation like zen and clarity. CBD beverages are now a dime a dozen. What's next? Moment, a new botanical beverage that bottles the feeling of meditation in a can. The ultimate self-care to combat stress, Moment is a blend of botanicals and adaptogens that promotes alpha brainwaves – like those that arise during meditation – for zen and clarity. All natural, non-GMO, non-carbonated with no caffeine or added sugar,

Moment is not a CBD drink, but a brand new category. Co-founded by Aisha Chottani who moved to the US from Pakistan to pursue the American dream—her stressful jobs as a McKinsey consultant inspired her to start meditating and research stress-relieving botanicals and adaptogens. Faheem is a serial entrepreneur from South Africa. He started his first business, selling shirts on the side of the road, at age 10. His last startup was funded by Google and was selected as the best startup in South Africa.   

Together, they share a passion for helping people bring out their best selves through mindfulness.  Aisha used ingredients which have been used for millennia in different cultures for the body and mind. She was inspired by generations-old herb remedies in Ayurveda, used by her Mother; incorporating ashwagandha to reduce stress, L-theanine to improve focus; and organic apple cider for vitality; she landed on three flavors

It was important to Aisha that they donate a percentage of profits to Calm Classroom, the largest provider of school-wide mindfulness programming in the United States, to encourage this learning from a younger age.

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