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Perfecting flavor has been a family profession from generation to generation. Growing up in a family who founded one of the largest spice brands in the US, meant mastering the art of spices and seasonings was always in our blood.

We travel the world to learn from locals and taste the native flavors, which is how our love affair with chickpeas started. It was in Israel that we discovered the overwhelming benefits and environmental powers of chickpeas and how culturally they played such a large role in their diets.

The chickpea was the inspiration and formation of HEY, HOOPLAH!. However, it is our passion and knowledge of flavor that drove this product to where it is now. Never compromising on ingredients, spices and seasonings, to create the most mouthwatering, innovative and craveable tastes.

We want everyone to fall in love with the flavor and keep coming back for more. 

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