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Zoe and Erica here, founders of BluePrintCleanse--remember when everyone was doing a juice cleanse and then you started seeing cold-pressed green juice on store shelves everywhere? Well you can thank (or blame) us for that!

We've been asking you to get on board with some weird healthy stuff since 2007--first with BluePrint, then with our podcast, and our next act is no exception.

We're on a constant quest to find what actually works to improve your health, and we couldn't be more excited about functional mushrooms. We feel they haven't truly had their moment in the sun (or shade, as the case may be), so we created earth & star to deliver these incredible benefits to you in the products that you already use every day.

We like to think our specialty is taking what works, (however weird!), and bringing it to you in a way you can understand, that also happens to be totally delicious.

We believe the future is fungi, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Earth & Star®.

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