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BRITE bites exists to help you make healthier choices in the simplest way possible. We get it, swallowing pills is a pain. That’s why we decided to put your daily probiotic in a flavorful, shelf stable bite. By combining nutrient-rich ingredients with gut-healthy probiotics you will have the vitality and the capacity to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Founder, Bri Makaric, is a 2020 graduate from Michigan State University. Growing up she struggled with many different nutrient deficiencies and digestive problems.

It was difficult for her to find a snack that could give her the nutrients she needed. She began taking probiotics in a pill form, which immensely improved her digestive system. However, she knew there had to be an easier, more convenient way to get her probiotics in. Bri wanted to combine her passion for health + wellness to make the world a healthier place. She built this brand as a reflection of her own lifestyle, but more importantly, to inspire others to prioritize their health and well-being. ​Our goal is to make healthy snacks convenient, and delicious!

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