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Welcome to bkr. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, why that one friend of yours is so obsessed with a glass water bottle, and how life could possibly be better on the other side of this velvet rope, you’re in the right place. This is where we’ll tell you a little bit more about why we’re not just a glass water bottle and why you just found your hydration soulmate and the thing that’s about to become the best thing you’ve ever owned. First, definition and pronunciation:  bkr /beak·er/ˈbēkər/ noun 1) the endlessly refillable, beautifully sustainable, original cult favorite glass water bottle (named after the glass container from chemistry class); 2) the very first ever lip balm water bottle (the “kiss kit”), and; 3) dishwasher safe, holds no scent, clean, clear, loved.

But WHY SO LOVED? You kind of have to own one to understand. bkr is a magical accumulation of little details that together feel like luxury. It’s like the perfect t-shirt of water bottles. It’s soft and pretty, it feels right and fits right, you want it in every color, it’s effortless, you can’t help but love it, and it becomes an extension of you. Wait so, why did we make a vegan lip balm in Paris, and why did we engineer a special cap to snap it to the top of your bkr? Because our lips were dry despite owning every lip product known to man, we knew we’d kill it, and we knew it would become our next most treasured invention. We don’t release anything that isn’t perfection. Btw, we’re also a community of good people who care about others. We hope you’re here for it. Life gets better on this side of the velvet rope.

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