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Our Origins
An intuitive on the path for a more fulfilling life, Mahasin Phillips conceived Atmosphere Threesixty from her own heart-centered practice.

From a very young age, I always had an innate sense of awareness and connection with the Divine.
“I'm the daughter of a workaholic single mom. This means I had to grow up rather quickly and navigate things on my own very early in life. Throughout my childhood, I closely observed family members suffering from depression, addiction, alcoholism, physical and sexual abuse. I directly experienced child abuse for many years. I was deeply traumatized from these collective experiences, and buried the memories deep just to make it through the day. Without anyone to talk to or the tools to help heal from my trauma, I began to feel emotionally disconnected, distant, and angry with everyone - but mostly with myself.”

Those same unhealthy patterns of processing trauma and feelings of abandonment followed Mahasin into her early adult life. Anxiety became her guide and, like her mom, work became her obsession. Burning the candle at both ends, she grew depleted from a demanding career and a high stress lifestyle. She knew something had to change.

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