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AAVRANI is a holistic beauty brand inspired by Indian skincare rituals. AAVRANI uses organic ingredients combined with modern formulations for clinically proven results to help all women #OwnYourGlow

Holistic beauty means we care about the wellness of our whole selves and our connected community. We believe glowing with beautiful confidence comes from actively embracing ourselves and honoring the body, mind, and soul. Our products clarify, strengthen, and balance the skin, while the mindful practice of skincare rituals help us feel nourished and refreshed. Core to AAVRANI is empowerment– in Hindi, rani means queen. Our mission is to align inner confidence with outer radiance and empower women to celebrate the journey to transcend limitations and live without permission.

Our clean beauty approach is simple – natural remedies engineered with an innovative approach that is effective and easy to use. Our products are safe to use on all skin types, including those with sensitivities and women who are pregnant or nursing.

All products are made with intention and love in the USA.

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